Àdest is a Latin verb: it means 'to be present, and aware'.

Be aware of the changes which go through several fields of European economy, and present in the development toward a society of equal opportunity, wide employment and entrepreneurship and social inclusion.

Àdest is a international leading organization focused on initiating, developing, coordinating and evaluating regional, national and transnational EU project throughout Western and Central-Eastern Europe

We are focused on supporting private and public organizations in Strengthening EU project management skills allowing them to plan, manage and implement projects according to EU regulations as well as to prepare the budget plan.

We are proud to match their project ideas with European funding opportunities 

Àdest shall follow the relevant activities, from the planning and managing of actions, until the final auditing of closing financial statement

Àdest can rely on its own network of consultants and firms for any thematic and geographical area

Àdest specifically focuses on

Project Development 
from the programming process to the identification of the call, to assessment of criteria and standards to submit a proposal

Project Formulation 
using the Logical Framework approach, for preparing activity and budget plan  

Development of an Effective Partnership 
drafting key tasks and responsibilities, assessing criteria and standards, developing, maintaining and managing effective partnerships


In this field Àdest acquired formal credit in order to develop studies and researches for Social Economy as appointed Consultancy Company

for national and international public bodies operating in close connection with Ministry of Labour, Regions, European Union, Universities, International Private and Public Bodies, which manages for them activities of study and research, consultancy and technical assistance.

Àdest developed programs and actions under the calls of European Commission